Welcome Pragathi Welfare Society

"Realize the truth and value of human life, Uncover the clouds one by one occupied over the mind and be visionary. Do good physical exercise and meditation every day. Live a full life even for a moment and all along till you die. Experience the great happiness by following the spirituality and morals. Share that happiness". This is the message of Pragathi to the world.

Pragathi motivates the Government and the people to make sure every individual has to be provided with basic necessities like food, potable drinking water and shelter. For the ages we have been experiencing the growing poverty in India and other countries of the world. In view of this, in the country like India, there is growing demand for the morals and principles which has been the very basic philosophy and culture of India dating back to 7000 BC, the era of the oldest civilization in the world. Pragathi follows the ideals of the great messengers who taught the world the importance of hard work, honesty, morals, principles, knowledge, humanity and the divinity in man.

Pragathi propagates these ideals, assist and educate the people in the world towards these morals and principles for happy living. In the Education front, Pragathi recognizes the importance of change in curriculum spanning from Elementary Education to the College Education by including the lessons on morals and principles. The education should build the character of a man by digesting the facts and should stand one on one's own feet cultivating great faith and self confidence. The youth are to be taught to have such a spirit having muscles of iron and nerves of steel as said by Swami Vivekananda and to face anything in the world boldly. Pragathi also realizes the importance of Physical Exercise and Meditation for all the human beings which can give good health by believing in 'strong physical health only can build strong minds and arise the sleeping souls within'.

Pragathi gives importance to women and girl child development, serving the innocent, ignorant, dejected and deceased people in the society keeping in mind that - God is existing in these people and serving them is serving God. Gautam Buddha's power of renunciation, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's great spirituality and believing in universal religion, Swami Vivekananda's lions courage, his teachings and divine spirit, Mahatma Gandhi's experiments with truth, Mother Theresa's love and service to the poor, Dr Jayaprakash Narayan's Lok Satta and Organization,Anna Hazare's recent miraculous approach for the development of his village and Rangaswamy Elango's Technological approach like housing at low cost for the development of Kuthambakkam village, Shri Arvind Kejriwal of ‘Parivartan’ to eradicate corruption- to name few and many other great people in the world are great inspiration to Pragathi.

Pragathi is arranging Computer Camps in the village Burgula,Mahaboob Nagar District. Dr Alok Agrawal from USA made several visits to the village and encouraged the youth in the village to learn computers. Dr Alok Agrawal has also been encouraging the team locally in the village, from USA. He has set a great vision to the team of Pragathi to take forward the computer programs(basic computers) and hard ware training.